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What's The Deal?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could invest in your future, get paid daily, never carry inventory or lift a hand in labor, and enjoy a long term Profit Margin? What would you think about ODOT & others paying a big chunk of the investment?

Well, Kunert Electric is making that happen for people just like you! Did you know there are rebates and tax incentives through the IRS, ODOT & Utility Companies? Lets look at some of them (rebates depend on how may stations you are installing as listed in the rules & qualifications in the hyper links below):

For this example we will use a 4 Port, Level 2 System with a total cost of $40,000 plus Utility Fees if any.

Commercial Business with Parking Lot (PGE Customer)

IRS Tax Credit: Up to: $12,000

ODOT Rebate: Up to $17,000

PGE Rebate: Up to $4,000

Commercial Business with Parking Lot (Mac Water & Light)

IRS Tax Credit: Up to: $12,000

ODOT Rebate: Up to $17,000

Business Property with Public Parking (Pacific Power)

IRS Tax Credit: Up to $12,000

ODOT Rebate: Up to $17,000

Pacific Power Rebate: Up to $4,000

Multi Family Dwelling 5 units or more (PGE Customer)

IRS Tax Credit: Up to $12,000

ODOT Rebate: Up to $22,000

PGE Rebate: Up to $9,200

Multi Family Dwelling 5 units or more (Mac Water & Light)

IRS Tax Credit: Up to $12,000

ODOT Rebate: Up to: $22,000

Multi Family Dwelling 5 units or more (Pacific Power Customer)

IRS Tax Credit: Up to $12,000

ODOT Rebate: Up to $22,000

Pacific Power Rebate: Up to $12,000 NOW $18,000

EV charging is the wave of the future. You owe it to yourself to speak with us about the multiple programs available. We have been doing this for many years and will help you every step of the way.

Did you know that with the current growth rate in EV sales by 2030 (only 7 short years away) EV's will be 40%, or more, of the vehicles on the road and they need places to charge! Many states are now offering incentives to help build that infra structure.

Want to know how much your costs & rebates will be? Take a quick 30 second survey and we will give you a no obligation quote.

What's Included

We offer a turn key solution that will make you money and keep customers in your business longer!

2 or 4 Head Level 2 Charging Stations

Installation & Connection

Plans & Permits

Rebate Application Assistance

Basically a Turn Key Deal

Maintenance Agreements Available

Multiple Solutions

We've Been in Business 50+ Years

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We Will Help With The Paperwork!

Why Choose Us?

We Are a Leading Expert In EV Charging

We have been providing EV Charging Systems for nearly 50 years.

We Do The Rebate Paperwork For You!

Even though you have to submit the paperwork for yourself, we will do it all and walk you through the submission process.

We're Mindful Of Your Time

We come in and get the job done. We don't waste your time. We do what we say and we do it fast without compromising safety or quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit on this offer? Yes. ODOT is opening applications for the first round in June 2023. The funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. There will be other rounds in the future, but each application will require a re-submission.

Is my address eligible? ODOT has prepared an interactive map-all you need to do is enter your address and find out which priority community your site falls under. You will need to provide this information on your application. See below.

Why should I use Kunert Electric? Can’t most electricians do this work? Yes, they can, but Kunert Electric has over 50 years experience installing EV chargers.

Are the chargers Kunert Electric uses any good? We researched all available chargers and decided that the Flo chargers were the best. In an article published April 26 2023, Motortrend Magazine did the same research we did and confirmed our opinion.

In the Federal Tax Credit requirements, it requires that site workers be paid Prevailing Wages for the area of the installation, or the Federal Tax Credit drops from 30% to 6%. Can Kunert Electric comply with that? Yes. Kunert has a 50-year track record of performing Davis-Bacon prevailing wage projects.

This looks like a bunch of paperwork, do you help with that? It is a lot of paperwork. There are companies that will charge you for the service and keep a percentage of the rebates but, Kunert has a specialist on staff and we include it in our price so, you keep 100% of the rebates.

Now Is The Time To Speak With Us

The rebates and incentives won't last forever. You better catch the wave while you can. The market grows stronger and stronger every day. Profit margins are on the increase. Keep customers at your business longer and increase your current product sales. Several ways to "charge for the charge."

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